The Usefulness of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy- a field dedicated to understanding the human psyche. At its core, is the aim to ease the neurosis and psychosis embedded in human existence. One of the other striking purposes of psychotherapy is to enable more freedom in our lives.

Therapy has a lot to do with freeing the parts of ourselves that have been enslaved. These internal chains may develop from past psychological wounds and traumas. They may present themselves in many different forms such as; fear, anxiety, depression, substance/alcohol abuse, self-harm or an eating disorder, to name a few. Our internal chains often have a horrible way of disturbing our sleep and may seep into many of our interactions. This inevitably makes living difficult and prevents us from the life we envision for ourselves.

Psychodynamic therapy, which is the primary theoretical framework I use in my work treads into the hidden spaces of our minds. These are the spaces within us that are often avoided, pushed aside and unspoken. Dwelling in them is not an easy process, much like an infected wound, the process of treating the problem is often not easy and might feel invasive. That is, one of the hardest parts of psychological pain is that- it needs to be worked through as opposed to walked around.

Yet the result is an enduring kind of healing with a greater self-knowledge. For any therapy process to be effective we must render ourselves to be seen “warts and all”.  It is often surprising how safely on our psychologist’s couch and enclosed by the warmth of the therapy framework we can visit these lost, forgotten and wounded parts of ourselves. We can look them in the eye, and cry with them for the pain they have suffered.

We are offered a space to do something different to what was done to us. We are given the space to care and nurture the parts of ourselves that were overlooked by others or coldly discarded and dismissed by the people we wished would be there.

Therapy has a lot to do with getting to know the parts of our lives where we remain stuck or trapped in unconscious maladaptive cycles. It is about freeing us to love more deeply, to connect with others more intimately, to establish confidence and strength in our talents and to become aware of all our potential.

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