To Work, to Love and to Play

To work, to love and to play are psychodynamically inspired topics that pay attention to the spaces in our lives where psychotherapy can be helpful. In the following months, I will explore each of these concepts more fully and provide some questions to start your own introspective journey.

The topic of work includes the importance of finding a functional space within society where we can take up the responsibility of becoming autonomous beings. It might be important for many of us to spend some time questioning what kind of work we should be doing? Additionally, it could be useful to think about the importance of finding fulfilling work and exploring the anxieties and fears that prevent our ability to work.

The topic of love explores the quality of our friendships and intimate relationships. It also explores our ability to connect with others and our capacity for intimacy. Often we  are aware when one aspect in our capacity for love is lacking and therapy can provide an important space to explore what it is, that is keeps many of us repeating unhelpful cycles.

The last topic play, holds a core belief in the importance and value of finding playfulness in our lives. Without this often neglected ingredient we may be left with a sense of deadness within us. Donald Winnicott believed that playfulness opens up our creativity and allows us to experience our own freedom.

As we explore these three important aspects of being, I implore you to shift your focus inwards and think about which facets inside yourself are calling to be heard.

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